Monday, January 24, 2011

Deceptively Delicious – Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food By Jessica Seinfeld

A good friend of mine told me about this cookbook.  I believe she heard about it on the Oprah show.  The night we were over at her house she made us some turkey burgers that were in the cookbook.  They were really good and I was determined to check the book out from our local library.

The author of the cookbook was having a hard time getting her 3 young kids to eat vegetables.  So she decided to come up with a way to get the vegetables into the foods they already eat.  What she did was take vegetable purees and mix them into the recipes.

My husband thought I was crazy when I brought this book home from the library.  Our girls love vegetables; they eat all sorts of them.  Some of their favorites are carrots, green beans, celery, peas, mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, and many more.  I wasn’t concerned with getting them to eat their veggies.  But I do like the idea of getting more vitamins and nutrients into their meals.

What I liked about this book:
The format was set up really nice.  She gives great tips on cooking up and pureeing the veggies.  The book also has several tips on making mealtime all around more enjoyable.

We haven’t tried all the recipes yet.  Here are some of the ones we’ve made and the results.

French toast made with carrot puree. – The girls couldn’t get enough of these.  I really should have made a double batch the first time. Tip: make sure the carrot puree is really smooth or you will have carrot chunks on your French toast.

Scrambled eggs made with cauliflower puree. – We didn’t like these at all.  The texture was funny and we couldn’t get over the taste of the cauliflower.

Grilled cheese sandwiches made with butternut squash. – Again, the girls were not a fan of these.  The cheese mixture was too runny and the taste of the squash was not masked well.

Italian meatloaf made with carrot puree. – This one was OK.  But I won’t be making it again.  No one wanted to eat the leftovers.

Macaroni and Cheese 1 made with butternut squash puree. -  We really liked this one.  The cheese was creamy and the squash gave it a nice flavor.  I will definitely be making it again.

Burgers 2 made with mushrooms and zucchini. – Oh how I love these!  And Scott liked them too.  They are moist and have a really good flavor to them.  We really liked that the mushrooms and zucchini were chopped up and mixed in with the ground turkey.

Chocolate brownies made with spinach and carrot puree. – The girls and I really like these.  You have to wait until the brownies are completely cooled in order to not be able to taste the spinach.  I like that the brownies are dense, Scott not so much.  The girls like them because there is chocolate in them. =)

Chocolate pudding made with avocado puree. - When I made this the avocado wasn’t smooth enough and Kennedy wasn’t too sure about the avocado chunks.  I thought it was OK.  I will make this again making sure to smooth the puree better to give it a fair chance.

There are a few more recipes I am going to try in this book before taking it back to the library and I am excited to check the next book out in the series.

I would give this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

Happy Reading!

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